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Local Government Services Division

Julie G. Roisen, Administrator

 The Local Government Services Division exercises general supervision over the administration of property tax laws, assessors, boards of review, to the end that all property assessments are relatively just, uniform, and in substantial compliance with Iowa laws.



  • Issues equalization orders to county auditors every odd year based on aggregate abstract valuations and median sales ratios
  • Annually calculates assessment limitations for residential and agricultural property classes

Assessor Education

  • Administers assessor and deputy examinations
  • Responsible for assessor and deputy registers
  • Authorizes continuing education coursework for assessor and deputy educational requirements
  • Provides technical assistance and educational programs for assessors and boards of review

Central Assessments & Appraisal

  • Annually assesses telephone, railroad, pipeline and water companies
  • Administers the replacement tax for gas and electric utility companies
  • Provides appraisal support for equalization procedures
  • Provides technical assistance for appraisal practices

Local Government, Credits, Exemptions & Transfer Tax

  • Provides assistance to local governments for credits and exemptions
  • Provides technical assistance to local governments on property tax issues
  • Provides reimbursement for state funded credits and exemptions