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Research & Policy Division

Amy Rehder Harris, Administrator & Chief Economist

The Research & Policy Division empowers internal and external decision makers through clear and accurate data analysis and coordinated tax policy leadership.


  • Provides subject matter expertise through outreach and education for policymakers, stakeholders, other agencies, and taxpayers.
  • Consults across divisions regarding related tax compliance programs, audit standards, and issues leading to appeals and protests.
  • Oversees development of Department website content, guidance documents, tax credit forms, and other public communications related to the tax area.
  • Monitors and researches federal, state, and local tax legislation and court rulings to promote proactive administration of Iowa tax issues, and keep the Director, Department staff, other agencies, and policymakers informed about changes.
  • Works with the Legal Services Bureau to analyze tax statutes and make recommendations to the Director to clarify laws and correct technical errors in existing statutes to reduce the burden of compliance and administration of state tax laws
  • Represents the Department on multi-state committees in the subject matter area

Tax Research & Program Analysis

  • Estimates the fiscal impact of proposed State and federal tax legislation
  • Prepares monthly Iowa Leading indicators Index to track the direction for the Iowa economy
  • Tracks, analyzes, and forecasts tax receipts and refunds, and provides support to members of the State Revenue Estimating Conference
  • Administers the Tax Credit Tracking and Analysis Program
  • Forecasts General Fund impact of tax credits in the Contingent Liabilities Report
  • Posts Department data on the Iowa DataShare website
  • Prepares quarterly and annual sales and use tax statistical reports
  • Prepares annual individual income tax statistical reports
  • Completes thorough and unbiased evaluation studies of tax credits
  • Prepares reports that are mandated by the General Assembly

Performance Analysis

  • Completes Department annual reports
  • Prepares visual presentations of Department key performance indicators
  • Assists other Divisions in the tracking of performance measures
  • Prepares various legislatively mandated reports
  • Conducts analysis as directed and prepares reports for customers