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ACH Credit

This payment option is available for:

  • Withholding taxes
  • Sales/use taxes
  • LPG taxes
  • Corporate income taxes

ACH Credit is not an option for personal income tax.

ACH Credit transactions must be initiated a day before the due date.

When paying by ACH Credit, you provide our Department's transaction information to your bank instead of providing us with your banking information.


Contact your bank for further information. Ask about the cost of ACH Credit services.


Complete and mail or fax the Iowa Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (pdf) to set this up with our Department. We will send you information to take to your bank.

Additional Information:

Zero Payments: Do not initiate a zero payment, but file your return showing zero due so you will not receive a delinquency notice.

Transaction reversals are not allowed from the State’s bank account. For questions regarding misapplied payments, please contact the Iowa Department of Revenue at 1-800-338-4692 or

Note to Business Tax Filers:

Iowa withholding, sales/use taxes and LPG fuel taxes are now filed through the Department's eFile & Pay System. A return must still be filed when payment is made by ACH Credit.