ACH Credit

This electronic payment option is available for these business taxes:

  • Withholding tax
  • Sales/Use and Water Excise tax
  • Fuel Tax
  • Corporate income tax

Please note: Individual Income tax may not be paid by ACH Credit.

ACH Credit transactions must be initiated a day before the due date.

When paying by ACH Credit, you must provide our ACH Credit bank account information to your bank instead of providing us with your bank account information.

First contact your bank for further information about their ACH Credit payment services and cost. Then open, review, and follow our required ACH Credit Payment Instructions (pdf). You may share these instructions with your bank.

Additional Information:

If you file a tax return showing a zero balance due, do not initiate a zero ACH Credit payment.

Transaction reversals are not allowed from the State’s bank account. For questions regarding misapplied payments, please contact the Iowa Department of Revenue at 855-314-4692 or

Iowa withholding, sales/use, water excise, and fuel tax returns are filed through the Department's eFile & Pay System. A tax return must still be filed when payment is made by ACH Credit.