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Answers to Your Questions About eFile & Pay

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When can I set up my eFile & Pay account?

Once you receive your Business eFile Number (BEN) and permit number in the mail, you can go online to set up your account. If you have not been issued a BEN by the due date of a return, the Department will accept a one-time paper filing of that return.

Is there a fee for using eFile?

No. All returns are free to file through eFile & Pay.

Do I have to mail the payment voucher if there is no tax due?

No, do not send a payment voucher for zero due returns.

If I choose “Save and Finish Later” when filing a return, how do I go in later and retrieve the return?

Go into the eFile & Pay system and log in with your BEN, User ID, and Password. In the top section of the Main Menu, click on the tax type of the saved return. Saved returns remain in the system for seven (7) days only.

Do I have to pay the rounded amount?

When making a payment at the same time you file the deposit or return, the eFile & Pay system will automatically enter the rounded amount shown as the payment amount. Paying the rounded amount is acceptable. However, you may enter the exact amount in place of the rounded amount shown by the system.

How do I report Local Option Sales Tax?

To report Local Option Sales Tax and/or Sales by County, click on the Local Option / Sales Entry Schedule button located above line 6b. Report your taxable sales (line 5) by county in the Sales by County column. This will not affect the total tax due. Report your taxable sales subject to Local Option Tax in the Taxable Sales Local Option column. The system will populate 1% on line 6b of the return.

If you have numerous entries to make, click Calculate every 15 minutes to save your entries.

How do I amend a return?

Withholding and Sales/Use

If you discover an error on a previously-filed withholding or sales/use return, you can amend it through eFile & Pay within the 3-year statute of limitations. This applies to quarterly and annual returns. Monthly deposits cannot be amended.

After you log in and select the permit you wish to amend, select the tax period by clicking the drop down arrow to the right of the default tax period.  If you are a quarterly filer, you can choose any of the twelve most recent quarters to amend, in addition to the current quarter. 

Enter the information as it should have been reported originally, not merely the difference between the original and corrected amounts. The amended return replaces the original.

If you paid using ePay and are amending before 3 p.m. central time on the payment date, you must cancel the payment. Amending the return will not stop the ePayment. If you file an amended return and the payment has already been deducted from your bank account, include the payment as a deposit.

Monthly and semi-monthly deposit information cannot be amended.

Motor Fuel Tax

An error on a fuel tax return can be corrected by filing an amended monthly return within the 3-year statute of limitations for the month in which the error occurred. An overpayment on an amended fuel tax return will be refunded. If additional payment is due, payment must be made electronically through ePay or ACH Credit.

How do I fix my payments when I amend a return?

If you paid using ePay and are amending before 3 p.m. central time on the payment date, you must cancel the payment if you do not want the payment to proceed as is. Amending a return will not stop the electronic payment. 

If you file an amended return and the payment has already been or will be remitted to the department, include the payment on the deposits line of the quarterly return. 

If you file an amended return and need to make additional payments, you will need to "make a payment" from the main menu on the eFile & Pay system. Payments must be completed by 4 p.m. central time on the due date to be considered timely. 

How do I get a refund if I overpaid?

You should amend your return in eFile & Pay. You will be taken to a screen and choose to have the refund mailed to you or to have the overpayment applied to the next filing period.

Is there a penalty imposed for not timely filing returns and paying tax?

View the penalty and interest rates here

Can I make a sales or withholding payment through eFile & Pay on a return before I file it?

No. We require a return to be completed through eFile & Pay prior to an ePayment being submitted.

Can I make multiple payments on one return?


If I choose to pay by ePay, when does the transaction need to be submitted to be considered timely?

ePayments must be transmitted by 4 p.m. central time on the due date to be considered timely. 

Can I cancel an ePayment?

Yes. Payments may be canceled at least one business day before payment date, or before 3 p.m. CT on the day the payment was confirmed. To cancel a current or delinquent transaction on the same day it was initiated, the cancelation must be completed that same day by 3 p.m. CT.

To cancel an ePayment: Go into eFile & Pay, Enter your BEN, User ID, and Password and log in. On the "Main Menu" screen, select Cancel a Payment. (NOTE:  You will need the payment confirmation number and date to cancel an ePayment.)

When are email reminders sent?

Monthly filers receive a reminder each month and each quarter. Quarterly filers receive a reminder two weeks before the due date. To receive email reminders, please log in to the eFile & Pay Main Menu and choose “Change a Profile” to add your email address.