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Direct Debit

This payment option is available for:

  • Individual income taxes
  • Corporation income taxes

A Direct Debit is a tax payment electronically withdrawn from your bank account* through the tax software used to electronically file individual income or corporation income tax returns. You will need to enter your bank routing number and your bank account number.

*NOTE: You receive credit for making the payment on the date you indicate the Department should withdraw it from your bank account.  This may be the date you send it, or a date in the future if you request the payment to be warehoused for withdrawal at a later date.  Please allow a week after the withdrawal date for your bank to post it to your account.

Why Direct Debit through your tax software?

(Check with your software vendor for the features that are provided.)

  • You control the date when the payment is withdrawn from your bank account.
  • You may pay the entire amount or a portion of the balance due.
  • You choose whether the payment is withdrawn from your checking or savings account.

Need to cancel a Direct Debit payment?

  • Email the Department's Payment Processing team.
  • Include this information in your email:
    1. Taxpayer name
    2. Payment amount
    3. Scheduled pay date
    4. Taxpayer's daytime phone number
  • PAYMENT PROCESSING will return a cancel confirmation email.

Need to change the timing of a payment or update bank account information?

  • We cannot make these changes for you.
  • You must cancel the payment (see above).
  • You must resubmit a payment in one of the following ways:
    1. Through your tax software,
    2. ePay through our website
    3. By Credit / Debit card or
    4. Mail us a check or money order