eFile & Pay - Account Setup

Welcome to eFile & Pay! If you've already set up your account and are having trouble logging in, click here for help.

Pick an Admin

The Admin user should be the business owner or person managing the business. The Admin will be responsible for adding, deleting, and managing permissions for other users and unlocking the account if other users get locked out.

Set Up the Account

Open eFile & Pay and enter your 8-digit Business eFile Number (BEN) that was mailed to you. After confirming your information, complete the Admin User Profile page to set up your account.

  • Business Name: No punctuation, symbols, or numbers allowed.
  • User ID: Cannot be changed and will be required each time you login. Must be between 6 and 50 characters. It can contain letters, numbers, and these special characters: _ and @.
  • Password: Must be at least 8 characters long, contain one letter, one number, and one of these special characters @, #, $, %, ^, &, ?, !, =, or +, no more than two consecutive repeating characters (ex: 333 is not allowed).
  • Security Questions: Two questions that will be used to access your account if you get locked out.

Helpful Tips

Passwords expire every 100 days. After it expires, you will be prompted to change your password the next time you log in. If your account gets locked, click here for help.

Security Questions can help you access your account later. Write your questions and answers down in a secure place so you have them to reference.

User IDs cannot be changed. Writing it down can help ensure you're entering it correctly later.