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eFile & Pay - Summary of Instructions for Bulk Filers

To bulk file using DWI (Dynamic Web Import) or Batch Loader, follow the steps below. 

  1. Prepare test files with a couple of records for each type of file submission.

    - For withholding, create one file for semi-monthly/monthly deposit transactions, one file for quarterly/annual return transactions, and one file for annual VSP transactions.

    - For sales/use, create one file for sales semi-monthly/monthly deposit transactions, one file for sales quarterly/annual return transactions, one file for retailer use monthly deposit, and one file for retailer use quarterly return transactions.

    -You will need valid client Business eFile Numbers, permit numbers, and filing frequencies.

  2. Click on “eFile & Pay” from our website at  On the Welcome screen, enter your Service Provider Business eFile Number (BEN) and click CONTINUE.

  3. Complete your profile.  You will need the BEN, User ID, and Password each time you access eFile & Pay.

  4. On the Main Menu screen, click on:  File for Your Clients.

  5. IMPORTANT:  If testing, always click the DEMO ON/OFF button at the top of the Main Menu screen. If you don't, the system will send live production transactions.

  6. On the next screen, scroll down to:  Bulk Filing Menu.  Select the type of return you want to file and click UPLOAD.

  7. On the File Type screen, select fixed length or delimited file, depending on how your data transaction file was created.  Click CONTINUE.

  8. On the File Layout screen, define the file layout for the file you created. Click CONTINUE.

  9. On the File Upload screen, check the box next to “Send File Now” and click BROWSE.

    - If you plan to use the Batch Loader Tool, it can be downloaded during this step. After clicking “Save Configuration for Batch Send”, there is an option to CLICK HERE to download Batch Loader Tool.

    - If submitting a file using the Batch Loader Tool, refer to the Batch Loader User Guide (pdf).

  10. Locate the file on your computer drive, click OPEN, then CONTINUE.

  11. The File Preview screen will show results up to 10 lines. If the results are good, click CONTINUE to submit the data.  Once you continue, edits are performed on the actual data values. error codes.

    - If you need to make corrections to the file layout, click BACK until you reach the File Layout screen.

    - If testing, make sure you are in DEMO mode before selecting CONTINUE.

  12. The View Results screen will show the results of your transmission, including the confirmation number for each successful transaction. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of file submitted and the availability of the website. Save the results of the transmission, since you are not able to access results of previously transmitted files the next time you log in.

 *Results from submissions made through the Batch Loader Tool are available for 30 days.

**Information on accessing results is included in the Batch Loader User Guide.

Three filing options:

  1. Single file online
    - Submit return/payment information online, one transaction at a time.
  2. Web Import (DWI)
    - Submit a fixed length or delimited bulk file of clients’ return/payment information.
  3. Batch Loader
    - Download batch loader software which enables you to bulk load data through a secure process.