eFile & Pay - Withholding Tax

Withholding Credits: Line 3 is used for certificate credits only. If you do not have a certificate credit, you will not be allowed to make any entry on line 3.

Semi-Monthly Filers: In addition to making payments electronically twice each month, the eFile & Pay system requires semi-monthly filers to submit information for each of their deposits. They will also file a quarterly return that reports amounts for the entire quarter.

The due date for the income tax withholding deposit for the period ending March 15, 2020 has been extended to April 10, 2020. The deposit for the period ending March 15, 2020 should not be combined with the deposit for the period ending March 31. Both are due April 10, 2020 but should be filed separately.

eFile and Pay Single File online will add penalty and interest to a late payment. When making your remittance for the period ending March 15, 2020, pay only the tax portion, not any penalty or interest added by the system.

Also, efile and pay will not allow a settlement date beyond the original due date. If you are delaying payment, file the deposit at the revised due date, April 10, 2020 before 4:00 PM Central time.

News Release: Iowa to extend income tax withholding deposit due date (March 19, 2020)

Withholding Verified Summary of Payments Report (VSP): The VSP for the calendar tax year becomes available in eFile & Pay on October 1.

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