Environmental Protection Charge (EPC)

NOTE:  The EPC was repealed as of 12/31/2016.  It should not be charged on transactions occurring 1/1/2017 and after.

Iowa Code chapter 424 gives the Iowa Department of Revenue the responsibility of collecting an Environmental Protection Charge based on petroleum diminution from certain storage tanks. This charge is imposed on behalf of the Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Board.

The EPC is imposed on all petroleum products deposited into non-exempt storage tanks in Iowa. The charge is established at a rate estimated to generate $17 million in revenue each year to fund the Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund, which is used to finance petroleum leakage cleanup, to provide loans to qualifying operators for upgrade or replacement of their tank systems and to offer insurance to tank operators to meet federal financial responsibility requirements.

If you have questions regarding the Fund’s cleanup, loan or insurance programs, contact the Storage Tank Fund administrative offices at 1-800-942-1000.