ePay - Free Direct Debit

What is ePay?

  • ePay is an electronic payment option available through the Department's eFile & Pay system.
  • ePay is also known as direct debit, ACH Debit, and direct payment.
    • No pre-registration
    • View ePayment history online
    • Instant confirmation
    • Significant paper cost savings
    • Nothing to mail
    • Free to use this payment option
    • income tax final payment
    • estimated income tax
  • Check with your bank to see if it requires the Iowa Department of Revenue’s ePay Bank Filter (Company-ID).

    • ePayments made via eFile & Pay use bank filter number 1421590141.
    • For Iowa DHS Health & Wellness Premium and Iowa DHS Medicaid Provider Overpayments the number is 426004579D.
    • For billings and payment plans the number is 4426004574.

    If you have used the Department's EFT system, please confirm the number provided to your bank as the ePay system may have a new filter. When you provide your bank this Bank Filter number, you authorize Iowa Department of Revenue to debit your account. Your bank may reject debits to your account if they are not provided the Department’s Bank Filter in advance. 

  • Please note: Iowa no longer accepts payment going to/coming from accounts outside the United States.

    Enter your bank routing number and your bank account number in the eFile & Pay system. For future payments, the system remembers your bank information. If it changes, you simply enter the new information the next time you make a payment.

  • For Individual Income Tax Payments - ePayments may be transmitted up to midnight April 30.

    For all other ePayments - ePayments may be transmitted up to 4pm CT on the due date to be timely.

    If you pay electronically, you do not send a payment voucher.

  • Online, you will see a payment screen and a confirmation number. Print and keep this information.