GovConnectIowa: Logons & Accounts

GovConnectIowa, the Department's new and secure portal, is now available for business tax users. GovConnectIowa offers taxpayers the ability to manage their business tax accounts in one convenient location, 24/7, including filing returns, making payments, and secure messaging. 

Access these new and improved tools now by creating your GovConnectIowa Logon! As a current Iowa tax permit holder, your tax accounts have been migrated to this new system but you will be required to set up a new logon.
eFile & Pay logons cannot be used in GovConnectIowa. 

Quick Steps to Create a Logon

  1. Go to GovConnectIowa at
  2. Select Create a Logon or Sign-Up for GovConnectIowa
  3. Enter your name, contact information, and an email address. The email address will serve as your username.
  4. Enter a password and a security question 
  5. Verify your account information
    • If you have received an Access Code in the mail, enter the code to gain access to your tax account(s).
    • If you have not yet received an Access Code, enter the requested account verification information. After entering your account information, an access code and instructions will be mailed to the address on file for the tax permit. 
  6. Review the entered information and select Submit

Once the logon is created, you will be able to log in using your new user account information. 

  • New to GovConnectIowa? 

    Decide who will be the online Administrator for your organization. GovConnectIowa accounts are specific to each person, and passwords should not be shared with anyone. When an employee requests access to an account, they are assigned the role of Administrator. The user will be able to manage access for other users in your organization and will have full access to your company's tax accounts. 

    1. Go to GovConnectIowa
    2. Select Create a Logon to begin setting up your account in GovConnectIowa.
    3. Follow the steps on your screen to create your logon.
      • You’ll be asked to enter an email address that will serve as your username and create a password. 
    4. You will be asked to enter the unique Access Code or the permit number and information from a recently filed return as part of the verification process. If you don’t have these items, you can request a letter with a unique Access Code to be mailed to you to complete the registration.
    5. Log in for the first time
      • Once the logon is created, you should go to the GovConnectIowa home page and log in for the first time using your email address and password.


  • GovConnectIowa allows you to reset or change your passwords online. Passwords will expire after 18 months

    Password Requirements

    • Must be 8-16 characters long
    • Must contain at least one uppercase letter
    • Must contain at least one number
    • Must contain at least one special character
    • Cannot be reused
    • Cannot be your email address

    Forgot Your Password?

    1. Go to GovConnectIowa
    2. Select Forgot Password? and enter the email address associated with your account. If the information you provided matches our records, you will receive a link to reset your password. 
    3. Answer your secret question
    4. Create and confirm your new password

    Change your Password

    1. Log in using your username (email address) and password
    2. Select Manage My Profile and click Change Password



    • As a current Iowa tax permit holder, your tax accounts have been migrated to this new system but you will be required to set up a new logon and enter an access code to access your existing accounts. Note: eFile & Pay logons cannot be used in GovConnectIowa. 

      Initial Welcome Letters are being mailed to the headquarter address on file for all active sales, use, withholding, and fuel tax accounts. It may take 6 to 8 weeks to receive your letter. 

      Don't want to wait? Request access to your accounts by following these steps: 

      1. Go to GovConnectIowa
      2. Select Create a Logon
      3. Select I am here to request access to existing accounts
      4. Follow the on-screen steps to enter your information
      5. Enter the requested account verification information:
        Note: You only need to verify one account for each business. After verifying one account, you will have the option to select access to other associated tax accounts for the business. 
        • Account Type
        • Permit Number
        • IDR ID, eFile & Pay BEN, or information from a recently filed tax return
      6. Complete your logon set up by following the on-screen steps

      After completing the steps to create your logon and request access to your accounts, an access code and instructions will be mailed to the headquarters or primary address on file. Letters are typically mailed the following business day. After receiving the code, log back in to your GovConnectIowa account and enter the access code. 

    • Learn more about accessing tax accounts. 

    • Learn more about adding additional users. 

    • Update Contact Information

      If you need to update your GovConnectIowa contact information, go to Manage My Profile in the top right corner of GovConnectIowa and edit the contact information available on the screen. 

      Update Business Name and Addresses

      You can update legal or mailing addresses and Doing Business as (DBA) names while logged in to GovConnectIowa.

      From the More… tab, select Manage Names & Addresses 

      Updating Names

      You will see a list of names and addresses when clicking this link, and are able to toggle between the two using the Names tab and the Addresses tab at the top.

      • To change or delete a Doing Business As (DBA) name, select the DBA name and choose Change this Name or Delete this Name
      • To change the legal name of a business, select Request Legal Name Change under Manage Names & Addresses
        1. Select Request Legal Name Change
        2. Enter the New Legal Name and Reason for Change
        3. Provide Supporting Documentation, if applicable
        4. Review and Submit the information

      Updating Addresses

      You can use the Manage Names and Addresses link to make updates to your addresses. The Address tab lists all addresses associated with the account. 

      Updating a Mailing Address

      You can make changes to your mailing addresses by selecting the existing mailing address. Select Add to add an additional mailing address. 

      Updating a Headquarters Address

      Select Manage Names and Addresses to update the headquarters address. This address change will only change the address on record for the Iowa Department of Revenue. 

      Manage Permit Locations 

      You can add, close, or update permit locations on GovConnectIowa. 

      When adding a new location under Manage Permit Locations, this means it will be filed on the same tax return as your current locations (a consolidated return). If you want to file a separate tax return for the location, go to the More… tab and select Add New Tax Account or Tax Type

      Add a Tax Type

      You may add a tax type to an existing location by using the Add New Tax Account or Tax Type link on the More… tab. This is the same link you would use when adding an entirely new location to your business.

      Managing Officials

      You can manage the responsible officials by using the Manage Officials link on More... tab. Note: You must be an Administrator or Owner on the account to perform this action, otherwise the link will be unavailable.