How to Print a Payment Voucher From eFile & Pay

When you file a return and select to pay by check you will be given the option to print a payment voucher. If you are unable to print the voucher at that time or you need to print another copy of the voucher you can do so through the eFile & Pay system.

  • Go into eFile & Pay
  • Enter your BEN, User ID, and Password
  • On the “Main Menu” screen, select:  View return ‘e’ history

If you have multiple permits you will need to select which permit you wish to view the history for by using the drop-down box. To print the payment voucher to mail a check payment you will click on the M under payment method and a new window will open with your voucher. 

screenshot of how to print payment voucher for idr

If there is not an M under payment method you did not select to pay by check for that period and there is not a voucher for you to print. Click on Main Menu to return to the eFile & Pay Main Menu.