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Calendar-year Filers:

  1. April 30
  2. June 30
  3. September 30
  4. January 31

Fiscal-year Filers:

  1. last day of the 4th month of the fiscal year
  2. last day of the 6th month of the fiscal year
  3. last day of the 9th month of the fiscal year
  4. last day of the 1st month of the next fiscal year

Farmers and Fishers

If 2/3 or more of estimated gross income is from farming or commercial fishing, two additional options are available, other than making four estimated payments.

Option 1

Pay the estimated tax in one payment by January 15, and file the Iowa income tax return by April 30.

Option 2

File the Iowa income tax return and pay the tax due in full on or before March 1.

Other Helpful Information

The final income tax payment option for the calendar year becomes available in eFile & Pay on February 3 of the following year.