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Iowa Department of Revenue Withholding Tax Bulk File Specifications

General Rules

Negative numbers not allowed unless specified.
Negative sign should precede value. The field length is one space longer to accommodate the negative sign where appropriate.
The decimal is counted as a position when the decimal is included in the data or defined as implied.
The period end date must be within the last three years.
A valid period end date is required for transaction type and filing frequency. 

*the four fields (penalty, interest, amount due, and amount paid) on each format may be reported as whole dollars or dollars and cents.

Your saved file configuration specifics how you want to treat data.

For example: field specified as implied decimal with 2 decimal places will read 123672 as $1,236.72
field specified as no implied decimal will read 123672 as $123,672.00 or will read 1236.72 as $1,236.72 

The withholding credit information will be entered in the repeatable fields area of the layout for all quarterly/annual tax filings after August 2012.
The number of credits is limited to the certificate associated with the given permit for the time period filing.
Negative credit numbers are not allowed.

03/01/2013 Update:
The Field # column reflects the fields you will see in the bulk file field layout screen.