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Iowa Industrial Processing Committee

Manufacturing and Processing Exemptions Under the Streamlined Sales Tax Law

46. a. The sales price from the sale or rental of computers, machinery, and equipment, including replacement parts, and materials used to construct or self-construct computers, machinery, and equipment if such items are any of the following:

(1) Directly and primarily used in processing by a manufacturer.

(2) Directly and primarily used to maintain the integrity of the product or to maintain unique environmental conditions required for either the product or the computers, machinery, and equipment used in processing by a manufacturer, including test equipment used to control quality and specifications of the product.

(3) Directly and primarily used in research and development of new products or processes of processing.

(4) Computers used in processing or storage of data or information by an insurance company, financial institution, or commercial enterprise.

(5) Directly and primarily used in recycling or reprocessing of waste products.

(6) Pollution-control equipment used by a manufacturer, including but not limited to that required or certified by an agency of this state or of the United States government.

b. The sales price from the sale of fuel used in creating heat, power, steam, or for generating electrical current, or from the sale of electricity, consumed by computers, machinery, or equipment used in an exempt manner described in paragraph "a", subparagraph (1), (2), (3), (5), or (6).

c. The sales price from the sale or rental of the following shall not be exempt from the tax imposed by this subchapter:

(1) Hand tools.

(2) Point-of-sale equipment and computers.

(3) Industrial machinery, equipment, and computers, including pollution-control equipment within the scope of section 427A.1, subsection 1, paragraphs "h" and "i".

(4) Vehicles subject to registration, except vehicles subject to registration which are directly and primarily used in recycling or reprocessing of waste products.

d. As used in this subsection:

(1) "Commercial enterprise" includes businesses and manufacturers conducted for profit and centers for data processing services to insurance companies, financial institutions, businesses, and manufacturers, but excludes professions and occupations and nonprofit organizations.

(2) "Financial institution" means as defined in section 527.2.

(3) "Insurance company" means an insurer organized or operating under chapter 508, 514, 515, 518, 518A, 519, or 520, or authorized to do business in Iowa as an insurer or an insurance producer under chapter 522B.

(4) "Manufacturer" means as defined in section 428.20, but also includes contract manufacturers. A contract manufacturer is a manufacturer that otherwise falls within the definition of manufacturer under section 428.20, except that a contract manufacturer does not sell the tangible personal property the contract manufacturer processes on behalf of other manufacturers. A business engaged in activities subsequent to the extractive process of quarrying or mining, such as crushing, washing, sizing, or blending of aggregate materials, is a manufacturer with respect to these activities.

(5) "Processing" means a series of operations in which materials are manufactured, refined, purified, created, combined, or transformed by a manufacturer, ultimately into tangible personal property. Processing encompasses all activities commencing with the receipt or producing of raw materials by the manufacturer and ending at the point products are delivered for shipment or transferred from the manufacturer. Processing includes but is not limited to refinement or purification of materials; treatment of materials to change their form, context, or condition; maintenance of the quality or integrity of materials, components, or products; maintenance of environmental conditions necessary for materials, components, or products; quality control activities; and construction of packaging and shipping devices, placement into shipping containers or any type of shipping devices or medium, and the movement of materials, components, or products until shipment from the processor.

(6) "Receipt or producing of raw materials" means activities performed upon tangible personal property only. With respect to raw materials produced from or upon real estate, the receipt or producing of raw materials is deemed to occur immediately following the severance of the raw materials from the real estate.

47. The sales price from the furnishing of the design and installation of new industrial machinery or equipment, including electrical and electronic installation.

48. The sales price from the sale of carbon dioxide in a liquid, solid, or gaseous form, electricity, steam, and other taxable services when used by a manufacturer of food products to produce marketable food products for human consumption, including but not limited to treatment of material to change its form, context, or condition, in order to produce the food product, maintenance of quality or integrity of the food product, changing or maintenance of temperature levels necessary to avoid spoilage or to hold the food product in marketable condition, maintenance of environmental conditions necessary for the safe or efficient use of machinery and material used to produce the food product, sanitation and quality control activities, formation of packaging, placement into shipping containers, and movement of the material or food product until shipment from the building of manufacture.

49. The sales price of sales of electricity, steam, or any taxable service when purchased and used in the processing of tangible personal property intended to be sold ultimately at retail.

50. The sales price of tangible personal property sold for processing. Tangible personal property is sold for processing within the meaning of this subsection only when it is intended that the property will, by means of fabrication, compounding, manufacturing, or germination, become an integral part of other tangible personal property intended to be sold ultimately at retail; or for generating electric current; or the property is a chemical, solvent, sorbent, or reagent, which is directly used and is consumed, dissipated, or depleted, in processing tangible personal property which is intended to be sold ultimately at retail or consumed in the maintenance or repair of fabric or clothing, and which may not become a component or integral part of the finished product. The distribution to the public of free newspapers or shoppers guides is a retail sale for purposes of the processing exemption set out in this subsection and in subsection 49.

51. The sales price from the sale of argon and other similar gases to be used in the manufacturing process.