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Iowa Tax Reform

Recently, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed an extensive tax reform bill into law.   The new law includes provisions to modernize and simplify Iowa’s currently complex tax laws.  The Department of Revenue has created this tax reform webpage to help Iowans understand the new law.  Information and resources, including guidance from the Department, will be added as it becomes available.  To help provide the best resources possible, the Department has issued an opportunity for "tax reform guidance" to gather information from taxpayers, tax professionals, and other stakeholders on tax areas of the new law that might benefit from further explanation or guidance.  You can now submit topics to the Department to help build resources. 

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News Releases

Iowa Department of Revenue Begins to Prepare Guidance on State Tax Reform - June 1, 2018
Proposed Administrative Rules Available for Public Comment - September 26, 2018

Iowa Tax Reform Guidance

Summary of Key Effective Dates - June 19, 2018 

Key Effective Dates by Year: 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021-2023

Income Tax for Individuals

College Savings Iowa (529 Plan) Deduction - July 31, 2018  (video)
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) - June 1, 2018   (video)
IRA Charitable Distribution Deductions - June 1, 2018  
Research Activities Credit (RAC) - September 25, 2018
State Sales and Use Tax Deduction - June 4, 2018 
Teacher Expense Deduction - June 1, 2018  (video)

Income Tax for Businesses

Research Activities Credit (RAC) - September 25, 2018

Sales and Excise Tax 

Pay Television Clarification - July 3, 2018
Photography & Retouching Services - June 19, 2018  (video)
South Dakota v. Wayfair Ruling - June 25, 2018
State Sales and Use Tax Deduction - June 4, 2018