K-1 Partnership and S Corporations Information on CD

An Iowa partnership or S Corporation is not required to submit K-1 information on a CD or electronically using our Secure File Exchange (SFE) program. If you choose to submit K-1 information using either of these methods, the information must be in the ASCII format in a specific layout. You can access the approved layout for partnerships or S Corporations and formatting instructions. Any layout other than the posted approved format, must have Department approval before submission.

Either option still requires an IA1065 or IA1120S to be filed. Although a copy of the federal return should be attached, copies of the federal K1 will not be necessary. 

On the Iowa return:

  1. Sign the return at the bottom of the page.
  2. Mail to:

Compliance Services
Tax Management Division
Iowa Department of Revenue
PO Box 10456
Des Moines, IA  50306-0456

  • If you would like to use this option, email IDRTMDBusinessTax@iowa.gov for information and the application. If you use this method, print off a copy of the confirmation that your file was uploaded and attach the copy to the return. In Part 1 of the return, write “See attached file confirmation”.

  • Include the CD with the return and in Part I of the return write “See attached CD”. If the CD is not in the Department's approved format, the return will be considered incomplete until a correct CD or complete paper return is filed.

    The Department allows electronic filing of Iowa partnerships returns through the modernized eFile project with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about this, see our eFile page for income taxes.   

    If you have questions, email IDRTMDBusinessTax@iowa.gov.