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Legislative Summaries

Income Tax - Individual & Corporation
Bill Description
SF 126 2015 IRC Update Bill
SF 479 Income Apportionment for Broadcasters
SF 505-A Iowa ABLE Savings Plan Trust
SF 510-B Iowa 529 Plan Contribution Extension
Motor Fuel Tax
Bill Description
SF 257 Modification of Excise Taxes on Motor Fuel and Special Fuel
Tax Credits & Incentives
Bill Description
HF 624 Custom Farming Contract Tax Credits
HF 645 Renewable Energy Tax Credits
SF 505-B Home Modification Assistance Program Study
SF 510-D Angel Investor Tax Credits
Sales and Use Tax
Bill Description
HF 603 Self-Pay Washers and Dryers Exempt
HF 616-D Preserve Whitetail Deer Are Livestock
HF 616-E ATVs Exempt If Used Primarily in Agricultural Production
HF 616-F IDR Director-Flood Mitigation Board Member
HF 655-A Flood Mitigation - Order of Funds Transfer
SF 482 Raffle Sales Tax Exemption
SF 510-A Flood Mitigation - 20 Year Remittance Limitation
SF 621 2015 Streamlined Sales Tax Bill
Property Tax
Bill Description
HF 166 Homestead Credit for Certain Disabled Veterans
HF 616-A Business Property Tax Credit Date Change
HF 616-B Property Tax Date Changes
HF 616-C Classification Change-Multiresidential Property
HF 616-G Church and Cemetery Property Tax exemptions
HF 626 Repeal of State Board of Tax Review
HF 655-B Property Tax Incentives for Broadband Infrastructure
Inheritance, Estate & Fiduciary Tax
Bill Description
HF 661 Changes to Probate and Estate-Related Taxes
Bill Description
SF 510-C Collection of Court Debt
Legislative Summaries
Bill Description
None Legislative Summary Report 2015
Bill Description
HF 616-H Income Tax Reciprocity and withholding Exemption for Utility Workers