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Legislative Summaries

Income Tax - Individual & Corporation
Bill Description
HF 2433-A 2016 Internal Revenue Code Update Bill
HF 2459-A Income Tax Checkoff Changes
SF 2301 529 Plan Changes
SF 2306 Rapid Response to State Disasters
Tax Credits & Incentives
Bill Description
HF 2443-C Historic Preservation Tax Credit Transition
HF 2459-C Solar Energy System Tax Credit
HF 2468-D Renewable Energy Tax Credit
HF 2468-E Geothermal Tax Credit
HF 2468-F Adoption Tax Credit Increase
SF 2300 Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit Program
SF 2309 Renewable Fuels Tax Credits
Sales and Use Tax
Bill Description
HF 2433-B Replacement Parts and Supplies
HF 2468-C Reinvestment District Clarification
SF 2312 Baseball/Softball Complex Rebate
Replacement Tax
Bill Description
HF 2468-B Replacement Tax Task Force Extension
General Administration
Bill Description
HF 2459-B Flood Mitigation Program Changes
HF 2468-A IDR'S Background Check Requirements
Bill Description
HF 2464 Repeal Environmental Protection Charge
Legislative Summaries
Bill Description
None Legislative Summary Report 2016