Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

Don’t delay your refund! Follow these tips to avoid common mistakes!

Three tips to help you through tax time:

  1. Start Early. Waiting until the last minute to get your taxes in order may create stress. Have a system to keep track of all the important documents you'll need, such as receipts, W-2s, and 1099s. 
  2. Ask For Help. If you're unsure, reach out to a professional. They can answer your questions and provide guidance to ensure you're doing everything correctly. There are many online resources available that can help you with your taxes and provide you with valuable information.
  3. Stay Focused. While filing taxes may not be your favorite task, remember that taxes support programs and services that benefits Iowans including highways, schools, social services, and our parks.

Get the Facts - Gather the following information to make filing easier!

  • Your federal refund amount from last year
  • The county you live in and the county number
  • Your school district
  • Social Security Number
  • Know what you paid! Have your W-2 ready.

Your Information

  • Tell us about you: name, current mailing address, &
    social security number
  • Claiming Dependents? Enter their first name
  • Married: Give us your spouse's name & social
    security number

Have income from another state?

  • If you lived in Iowa but paid income tax in another state:
    Use form IA 130
  • If you lived in another state but have income from Iowa:
    Use form IA 126

Health Insurance Premiums 

Did you pay premiums on your own?

  • Yes: Enter what you paid
  • No: Leave this blank

Was your premium subtracted from your wages?

  • Yes: Leave this blank
  • No: Enter what you paid

Tuition and textbook tax credit

Keep receipts of what you spent!

Did you forget to file this one? Don’t worry! File an amended Iowa Tax Return on paper. You will have to include copies of your receipt.

Still need help?

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