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Pay Debt


If you are unable to pay your Iowa tax liability in full, file the return and pay what you can by the due date. If you do not file your return by the due date, and at least 90% of the correct tax is not paid, you owe an additional 10% late penalty on the unpaid tax. By filing the return on time, even if at least 90% of the correct tax due isn’t paid, you only owe an additional 5% late penalty on the unpaid tax.

You may pay online through eFile & Pay. ePay is free.

If paying by check or money order, use the appropriate payment voucher, which can be found on our tax forms page.

You will be billed for the balance after your return is processed, including any penalty and/or interest that may be due. We encourage you to make payment prior to receiving a bill in order to reduce the interest amount due. Interest will accrue on the first of each month until the balance is paid.

NOTE:  You must have received a bill from the Department before you can set up a payment plan.

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