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Please Read Before You Register Your Business

We strongly encourage you to review the online training presentations provided at the following links before registering your business:



If you plan to use an accountant or attorney in your business activities, please consider completing a Power of Attorney form at the time you apply for your tax permit(s), as some information is considered confidential.

Power of Attorney Form (pdf)

Complete Online:

Register Your Business Online

NOTE: You do not need a UserID and PIN to access the online system unless you previously started the form, but did not complete it.

Preview Online Registration System (pdf)

Or Complete and Send a Paper Form:

Paper Registration Form (pdf)

List of County Names and Numbers (pdf)

NOTE:  It may take 4-6 weeks from the time you submit your application to receive an Iowa sales/use tax permit, but once you've submitted an application, you may begin making sales and collecting the tax. If you still have not received a BEN by a return due date, the Department will accept a one-time paper filing.