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Research & Analysis Division

Amy Rehder Harris, Administrator & Chief Economist

 The Research & Analysis Division empowers internal and external decision makers through analyzing and forecasting data and presenting the results clearly and concisely.

Tax Research & Program Analysis

  • Estimates the fiscal impact of proposed State and federal tax legislation
  • Prepares monthly Iowa Leading indicators Index to track the direction for the Iowa economy
  • Tracks, analyzes, and forecasts tax receipts and refunds, and provides support to members of the State Revenue Estimating Conference
  • Administers the Tax Credit Tracking and Analysis Program
  • Forecasts General Fund impact of tax credits in the Contingent Liabilities Report
  • Posts Department data on the Iowa DataShare website
  • Prepares quarterly and annual sales and use tax statistical reports
  • Prepares annual individual income tax statistical reports
  • Completes thorough and unbiased evaluation studies of tax credits
  • Prepares reports that are mandated by the General Assembly

Performance Analysis

  • Completes Department annual reports
  • Prepares visual presentations of Department key performance indicators
  • Assists other Divisions in the tracking of performance measures
  • Prepares various legislatively mandated reports
  • Provides training in the use of performance measures
  • Conducts analysis as directed and prepares reports for customers