Sales, Retailer's Use, and Consumer's Use Taxes - How to Use eFile & Pay

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If you request confidential tax information by email, copy the three questions below into your email and answer the questions. This will authorize the Department to transmit confidential information by email. We will respond to a request for confidential information only after your authorization is received.

  1. Do you authorize the Iowa Department of Revenue to email the confidential information you may request?
  2. To what email address do you want us to send confidential information?
  3. Do you acknowledge that email transmissions are not always secure?

Bulk Sales/Use File Type (Iowa Sales/Use Tax)

This screen defines the file. It can be either a fixed length file or a delimited file. The available delimiters are comma, semi-colon, pipe or tab.

View Bulk Filers/Service Providers - Web Upload for additional Specifications, File Screens, and File Layouts:  

Bulk File Upload (Iowa Sales/Use Tax)

  • Select the tax type and period for the file you wish to upload.
  • Provide File details (fixed length or delimited). Delimited is recommended.
  • Format the file layout screen by selecting the fields used within the file itself.
  • Upload the bulk file.

Bulk Processing (Iowa Sales/Use Tax)

This screen shows you the status of your upload.

File Preview (Iowa Sales/Use Tax)

Performs basic edits on the first 10 records in the file. It will assist in determining that the file's field sequence is the same as what was defined and that the fields are formatted properly. The file is not "submitted" at this point and can be pulled back, corrected and uploaded again. The goal is to receive the message "Record is Valid" so that you know your file is capable of being transmitted.

View Results (Iowa Sales/Use Tax)

Once the file is submitted, any transactions with errors will be identified with error codes. Click on the error code to determine the cause of the error. All valid transactions will be considered filed. Transactions with errors cannot be accepted until all errors are corrected. Although a transaction may be valid, it is not necessarily accurate. The most common reasons why a transaction might not be accurate are penalty/interest not calculated accurately or not calculated at all, and prior payments for the quarter not agreeing with the amount claimed on the quarterly return.

Important: Each valid transaction will be provided with a unique 10-digit confirmation number. The confirmation numbers can be viewed and saved on the View Results screen. There will be no other acknowledgment sent.

Important: The complete file results must be saved when received if desired for future reference. There is no option to view results of previous job submissions after leaving the DWI Results screen.