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Tax Year 2017 News For W-2/1099 Electronic Filing

Important News Regarding W-2 Wage Statement and 1099 Information Returns Electronic Filing Information for Tax Year 2017.

What changed?

In order to give small businesses additional time to comply with W-2/1099 filing requirements, the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) has adopted the following changes to tax year 2017 filing requirements:

  • Businesses with fewer than 50 W-2s will not be required to file W-2s for tax year 2017.
  • No entities will be required to file 1099s for tax year 2017.

These are the same requirements in place for tax year 2016.  This change delays the filing requirement for businesses with fewer than 50 W-2s until tax year 2018.

What am I required to file?

  • Businesses with 50 or more Iowa W-2s in tax year 2017 must electronically file by 1/31/2018.
  • Businesses with 50 or more Iowa W-2s in tax year 2016 who received a filing extension for tax year 2016 must electronically file on or before 1/31/2018.

What is optional?

Any business registered with an Iowa withholding permit and/or filing using a bulk filer may submit 1099 and w-2s with no Iowa withholding information for tax year 2017.

IDR will not issue permits and Business eFile Numbers (BENs) for purposes of electronically filing 1099s or W-2s with no withholding.

Can IDR make filing easier?

The Department is working with software vendors to register and test software prior to the 1/31/2018 filing deadline. As a result, IDR will be able to guide businesses who are required to file W-2s for tax year 2017 to a list of vendors who have completed testing, offer their software services for sale, and who support the IA W-2 and 1099 file formats.  Sign up for email updates to learn more about these services.

When will I know if the IDR proposal was approved?

Sign up for email updates.   Stay tuned in to these email bulletins for updates about Iowa’s W-2/1099 filing program.  When more information is available, IDR will notify you.