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Tips for Using eFile & Pay

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Amended Returns
Local Option Sales Tax / Sales by County
Sales Tax Notes
Withholding Notes
Business eFile Number (BEN) is confidential

Your BEN is confidential. We give confidential information to the business owner, responsible party, or person with power of attorney only.


You can use the Enter key instead of clicking on the Continue button to move to the next screen, except when you need to Submit a return or Edit information.

Welcome/Login Instructions

Withholding, sales or use tax, LPG and motor fuel:

  • Enter your Business eFile Number (BEN).
  • "Business Taxes" will already be selected.
  • Click "Continue" or use the enter key on your keyboard.

Individual income or corporation income tax payments (estimated/final payment):

This part of the eFile & Pay system is not to be used for payment of employee withholding. To pay withholding tax, select the “Business Taxes” option.

First-time User

Even if you already have a BEN, do not enter the BEN. Instead, choose the link at the left "Not enrolled? Click here."

Why enroll?

You are not required to enroll, but if you do not, you must use the “not enrolled” link each time you enter the system to make an income tax payment.

Once you are enrolled, the next time you access the system to make an income tax payment, enter your BEN, select "Individual Income / Corporation Income ePayments" and click "Continue."

Enrolled users are able to view their filing history.

Locked Out? Access Denied?

Locked out?

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in the eFile & Pay system will require the user to wait 30 minutes before trying to gain access to the system again.  It is no longer necessary to call the Department for assistance.

Forget your password?

Only the administrator (0001) may reset the password.

Both hint questions must be answered to reset the password. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in the eFile & Pay system will require the user to wait 30 minutes before trying to gain access to the system again.

Amended Returns

To file an amended return:

Enter the information as it should have been reported originally, not merely the difference between the original and corrected amounts. The amended return replaces the original.

Payments – Amending a Return Will NOT Stop a Previously Scheduled ePayment

When a return is amended, the ePayment scheduled when the original return was filed is not automatically cancelled.  If an ePayment needs to be canceled, the cancellation must be done at least one business day before payment date, or before 3 p.m. CT on the day the payment was confirmed. To cancel a current or delinquent transaction on the same day it was initiated, the cancelation must be completed that same day by 3 p.m. CT.

On the deposit / overpayment line, enter all payments made during the period, including the final payment made with the original return, unless that payment was canceled through eFile & Pay as described above.

If additional payment is due, it can be made electronically. Taxpayers who are allowed to pay by mail may send a paper check.

Monthly and semi-monthly deposit information cannot be amended.

Local Option Sales Tax / Sales by County

To find out if a jurisdiction has a local option tax, see our local option page.

  • Complete this portion of the return or you will receive an error message.
  • After calculating the taxable amount on line 5 of the return, click on: LOCAL OPTION/SALES ENTRY SCHEDULE CLICK HERE to report local option tax and/or sales by county.
  • Enter the taxable amount (line 5 of the return) by county in the Sales by County column. This will not affect the tax due.
  • Enter your taxable sales subject to local option tax by county in the Taxable Sales Local Option column.
  • Click “Calculate” and then “Continue.” The system will automatically populate the total local option tax due on 6b of the return.

If you are a utility company, when reporting Sales by County, the amount may exceed the taxable sales reported on line 5 of the return.

Sales Tax Notes:

  • Although SILO was discontinued, you still complete the Local Option/Sales Entry Schedule.
  • The Taxable Amount on Line 5 of the return should equal Sales by County. If you are a utility company, Sales by County may exceed Line 5 of the return.
  • The Sales by County information is used for distribution to schools, not to calculate tax.

Withholding Notes:

Beginning September 1, 2012 the Iowa Department of Revenue put into production an enhancement to the eFile & Pay withholding reporting. The enhancement pertains to a new screen called the credit schedule which affects customers who claim credits on the withholding quarterly return, line 3.

This new screen reports Iowa withholding credits by certificate number which automatically populates active certificate numbers and allows an entry field only for the dollar amount reported by certificate number.