W-2 and 1099 File Upload Instructions

Access eFile & Pay

  1. Login to eFile & Pay using your Business eFile Number (BEN). If you are a service provider, enter your BEN, not the BEN of your client. After confirming your BEN, enter your User ID and Password
  2. Click the applicable option to upload your W-2 Wage Statements or 1099 Information. Bulk Filers and Service providers will click on File for Client and will be given the option to file W-2s or 1099s for their client.
    screenshot of w-2 instructions main menu
  3. After entering the statement upload screen, click the Upload New File button. 
    screenshot of w-2 upload new file button
  4. Click the Choose File button to open the file browser. Select the appropriate W-2 of 1099 file from your computer. 
    screenshot of w-2 choose file button
  5. After selecting the file, click Upload
    screenshot of w-2 upload button
  6. After uploading the file, you must click the Refresh button in the eFile & Pay application to see the file results. Page contents will not update automatically. Note: You may have to click the Refresh button multiple times depending on file size and upload speed. Larger files will take longer to upload.
    screenshot of w-2 refresh button
  7. Once your file has uploaded and you refresh the screen, you will see the StatusDetails, and Results of the file. Click the Download Resultslink to confirm if your file was Accepted or Rejected. Only files that show Accepted are received by the Department.
    screenshot of w-2 download results button
  8. If your upload was successful, you will see the status, your Employer ID, and the confirmation number. If you have any errors within your file, they will be displayed. 
    screenshot of acceptance screen for w-2
    For error codes, reference the Electronic Reporting of Wages and Statements Information
  9. After reviewing your results, click on the Main Menu button at the bottom of the screen to return to the eFile & Pay menu to complete other filings or exit the system.