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Where is my rent reimbursement?

When is the information updated?

Information is updated overnight.

Will I get more information if I call? No.

The information in Where’s My Rent Reimbursement? is the same information

available to our phone representatives when you call.


What is available in Where’s My Rent


Rent Reimbursement claims

*Only for claims you filed within the last 12 months


When can I start checking my rent reimbursement payment status?

Wait at least 6 weeks

What can slow down my Rent Reimbursement?

Not choosing Direct Deposit
Errors on a claim
Required documentation
Claims that we identify for additional review

Tips for using My
Rent Reimbursement

Be sure to use the same information from your claim:

Social Security Number
Date of Birth - if you did not include your date of birth on your
 rent reimbursement claim, you cannot use
Where's My Rent Reimbursement

When can I expect my Rent Reimbursement?

Using Where’s my Rent Reimbursement?, you can track the status of your rent

reimbursement claim. When we are finished, you will see the date your rent

reimbursement was issued. Every claim we receive is different,

so processing times will vary.