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Where is my rent reimbursement?

If you have questions, save time and view frequently asked questions before calling. 

If you need assistance filing your Iowa Rent Reimbursement Form, you can call the Department to schedule an appointment to file your claim at 515-281-3114 or 800-367-3388 (Choose option #1). There are also Rent Reimbursement Assistance Sites across the state to assist individuals through the process. 

About Where's My Rent Reimbursement

Use Where's My Rent Reimbursement to check the status of claims filed.

Be sure to use the same information used on your claim: Social Security Number and Date of Birth. If you didn't include your date of birth on your claim, you cannot use Where's My Rent Reimbursement. 

Information Provided


Allow 2 - 3 weeks for your claim to show on Where's My Rent Reimbursement. The information provided is updated in real-time and is the same information that is available to our phone representatives. Phone Representatives will not be able to provide additional information if you call. 

When your claim has been completed, you will see the date your rent reimbursement refund was issued. 

Processing Your Refund

Every claim we receive is different, so processing times will vary and can take up to three months to complete.

Your claim can be delayed if you do not choose direct deposit, have errors on your claim, are missing documentation or if you submit more than one claim.