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Welcome to GovConnectIowa, Iowa's new online secure portal! Using GovConnectIowa, you can: 

  • Register for new permits and licenses
  • File tax returns and reports
  • Make payments using a bank account or credit card
  • View and respond to correspondence from the Department online

    Rollout 1 (November 2021)

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    Who can use GovConnectIowa?

    The November 2021 release of GovConnectIowa was created to support:

    • Business Permit and License Registration
    • Income Tax Withholding
    • Sales and Use Tax
      • Local Option Sales Tax
      • Automobile Rental Tax
      • 911 Fees
      • Hotel and Motel Tax
    • Water Service Excise Tax
    • Motor Fuel Tax

    Future GovConnectIowa rollouts will include additional tax types.

    What do I need to register for tax permits using GovConnectIowa?

    Before starting the registration process with the Iowa Department of Revenue, you must have specific information about your business:

    • Legal name, location, and mailing address of the business
    • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
    • NAICS code
    • Name, address, and social security number of all managing owners, partners, or officers
    • Contact email address and phone number

    What is the bank filter number for payments submitted in GovConnectIowa?

    If your bank requires the Iowa Department of Revenue's Bank Filter (Company-ID), it is 9426004574 for payments submitted in GovConnectIowa.

    I paid on time, why does my payment show it's late?

    All first time payments submitted through GovConnectIowa are required to be verified with the taxpayer's bank to ensure compliance with banking industry rules. The verification process can take up to 5 business days before the payment is applied to the tax liability, and may cause a balance due. This may result in penalty and interest, which will be automatically removed once the payment has been successfully applied.

    What type of permit do I need?

    Visit the Starting a Business page to learn more.

    GovConnectIowa works best with the most recent versions of these browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Edge
    • Safari

    GovConnectIowa was developed with Iowans in mind. The new system allows users to apply for and renew licenses, file for permits, and perform various other tasks. 

    GovConnectIowa is a partnership between the Iowa Department of Revenue and:

    • Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals
    • Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division
    • Iowa Lottery Authority

    Read the full news release.



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