Employers: How to Obtain a Refund of Iowa Withholding

Do not use the IA843, Claim for Refund, to receive a refund of withholding tax.

To receive a refund of Iowa withholding:

  • File an amended quarterly withholding return(s).

To receive a refund of Iowa withholding, due to jobs credit:

  • File an amended quarterly withholding return for each affected quarter.
  • On the amended return(s), indicate only the jobs credit earned in that quarter.
    • If you were awarded a tax credit certificate for the period being filed, a withholding credit schedule will be provided through eFile & Pay. Each credit claimed against withholding tax is recorded separately on this schedule. Information entered on the credit schedule will be automatically populated on the amended withholding quarterly return.
  • NOTE: Do not combine multiple quarters of jobs credits.

Jobs Credit Information


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