About the Iowa Department of Revenue

Kraig Paulsen was appointed Director of the Iowa Department of Revenue on February 25, 2019 by Governor Kim Reynolds. 

Previously, he was director of both Supply Chain Initiatives and Business Analytics Initiatives at Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business. He also is a past commissioner at the Iowa Department of Transportation and served in the Iowa legislature as Speaker of the House.

Paulsen received his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University, his Master of Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a law degree from the University of Iowa.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Iowa Department of Revenue is to serve Iowans and support state government by collecting all taxes required by law, but no more.

Vision Statement

Iowa will be a state where it is easy to understand and comply with tax obligations. 

Goals and Performance

Three-Year Strategic Plan FY 2018 - 2020 
Department Annual Reports


The Department has started a project to modernize its technology and processes to better serve Iowa taxpayers.