The Department is delivering elevated interactions through integrated, user-friendly tools,
with the flexibility to meet Iowans' changing needs.

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Customer Centric

Self Service


User Friendly

Data & Analytics

  • The Department is modernizing its technology and processes to better serve Iowa taxpayers. The Modernization Program is a multi-year effort to create and provide an integrated tax processing system designed using the following principles: 

    Customer Centric

    • Services and processes built around the needs of Agency constituencies, that create efficiencies and provide an improved experience

    Self Service

    • Tools and resources that enable taxpayers to be more self-sufficient, being better able to perform more transactions and activities without assistance


    • Enhanced information sharing capabilities, both internal and external to the Agency, facilitating better collaboration

    User Friendly

    • Services designed for specific user groups – taxpayers, Agency Staff, and other constituencies – that are more user friendly

    Data & Analytics

    • Improved business intelligence and data analytics capabilities through the reduction of data silos, consolidation of business critical information, and improved data management practices


    • Ensure and continue to enhance the security of data and privacy through advanced cyber and information security resources
  • Timeline

    Anticipated Program Implementation Plan





    Business Filers:

    Withholding Tax, State Sales Tax, Use Tax, Hotel/Motel Tax, Local Option Sales Tax, Automobile Rental Tax, Water Service Excise Tax, E911 Fees, Fuel Tax, internal and external Permit/License Registrations, associated distributions 
    and tax credits

    November 2020 -
    November 2021


    Corporate Filers:

    Corporate Income Tax (S-Corp, C-Corp and Partnership), Franchise Tax, 
    Tax Credits, associated distributions

    November 2021 -
    November 2022


    Individual Filers:

    Individual Income Tax, Fiduciary Tax, Inheritance Tax, Individual Income Tax School District Surtax/Emergency Medical Services, Setoffs, Non-tax debt, associated distributions

    November 2022 -
    November 2023


    Miscellaneous Taxes, Fees:

    Monies and Credits Tax, Motor Vehicle One-Time Registration Fee, Cigarette Tax, Tobacco Products Tax, Drug Stamp Tax, Rent Reimbursement

    Local Government Oversight:


    Local Government Distributions:

    Credits, Exemptions, etc.


    Utility Replacement Tax, Central Assessments, Statewide Property Tax

    November 2023 -
    November 2024
  • Phase One - Tax Modernization Business Case

    Business Case Executive Summary

    Business Case Presentation

    Business Case

    Phase Two - Readiness Assessment & Business Requirements

    Readiness Assessment Report

    Business Capability Model

    Phase Three - Request for Proposal 

    Request for Proposal

    Phase Four - Procurement

    Completed: October 2020

    This pre-issuance procurement overview/resource library is for informational purposes only, and is designed to ensure that all prospective Vendors receive the same information from the Department regarding the upcoming procurement, and are thereby on a level playing field. The Department anticipates releasing official solicitation documentation later this year, which solicitation documents will contain the official, finalized information, terms, conditions, requirements, specifications, and evaluation criteria of or related to the solicitation. The Department will only be bound by that official version of the solicitation documents, and the information, terms, conditions, requirements, specifications, and evaluation criteria contained therein; for the avoidance of doubt, none of the information or materials in or comprising this procurement overview/pre-issuance resource library are final or binding on the Department, such information or materials are subject to change at any time without notice, and the Department neither represents or warrants the truth or accuracy of the information or materials contained hereon nor that the information or materials contained hereon will form or constitute, in whole or in part, the final solicitation documents, or any terms, conditions, requirements, specifications, or evaluation criteria contained therein. Prospective Vendors should only base their Proposals on the information, terms, conditions, requirements, specifications, or evaluation criteria referenced or set forth in the official version of the solicitation documents following the official release thereof. Prospective Vendors are advised to check this website periodically for changes to this overview/resource library, and for updates about when the final, official solicitation documents will be issued.