New GovConnectIowa Features Coming Soon: Here's what you need to know

Tuesday - 09/20/2022

The Iowa Department of Revenue and other state agencies are reminding new and existing users about upcoming changes to GovConnectIowa.

GovConnectIowa is the State of Iowa’s user-friendly self-service portal to register or renew certain business licenses and permits, file tax returns and reports, make payments, and more. The second rollout of this multi-year effort to simplify processes for Iowa taxpayers  will occur on November 14, 2022. GovConnectIowa launched in November 2021.

This rollout will add additional tax types, new licenses, and select tax credits; improve current functionality; and introduce additional state agency partners to GovConnectIowa.

  • Taxpayers will be able to make payments and manage corporation, S corporation, partnership, and franchise tax accounts on GovConnectIowa.
  • Tax credit application and administration that currently occurs in CACTAS (Tax Credit Award, Claim, and Transfer Administration System) is moving to GovConnectIowa. This includes a number of tax credits from the Iowa Department of Revenue, the Iowa Utilities Board, and the Iowa Economic Development Authority.
  • New licenses will be issued by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals will be available.
  • Licenses and permits currently available in GovConnectIowa will be updated. These include licenses issued by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, and Iowa Lottery Authority; as well as permits issued by the Iowa Department of Revenue.
  • Access to corporate income tax in eFile & Pay, and some tax credits in CACTAS will be removed after October 31, 2022. Current users should download and save any historical information they wish to keep.

Learn about all the changes for this rollout.

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