Now Available: New & Updated GovConnectIowa Features & Tools

GovConnectIowa is the State of Iowa’s online portal to register or renew certain business licenses and permits; file sales, use, withholding, and fuel tax returns and reports; make payments; and more. New tax types, new licenses, and select tax credits are available, along with updated functionality for current users.

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  • Current access to GovConnectIowa will not be removed or changed. You can use new or existing logons to access a number of updates including:

    • New Functionality for GovConnectIowa Logons: Your logon can be a username or an email address. Username functionality allows you the ability to create more than one profile to manage tax accounts if you wish.
    • Access Multiple Business Accounts: One logon account can request administrator or owner access to multiple businesses.
    • Other Party Access: Taxpayers can easily grant access to other parties (tax professionals, accountants, etc.) after creating a GovConnectIowa logon. Other parties can request access to tax accounts on behalf of the taxpayer by providing the tax permit number and one other piece of account validation (FEIN, SSN, IDR ID, etc.).
    • Screen and Menu Updates: The layout of some screens and menu structures are updated to improve ease of access. 
    • New Tax Types, Tax Credits, Licenses: If you work for, on behalf of, or administer the following items, additional functionality is now available to accommodate and manage these items:
      • Corporations 
      • S Corporations 
      • Partnerships
      • Franchise
      • Tax credits
      • Business licenses and permits

    Learn more about using these tools by visiting GovConnectIowa Help.

  • These tax types are all now available in GovConnectIowa. You can use the portal to do a number of things, including: 

    • Manage your organization’s tax account information such as mailing addresses, officials, and authorized third parties 
    • Make payments for your corporate, S corporation, partnership, and franchise taxes
    • View correspondence and respond to letters or requests from the Department of Revenue

    Learn more about using these tools by visiting GovConnectIowa Help.

  • Tax credit application and administration previously available in CACTAS (Tax Credit Award, Claim, and Transfer Administration System) is now available in GovConnectIowa. This includes a number of tax credits from the Iowa Department of Revenue, the Iowa Utilities Board, and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Please note not all tax credit programs are impacted by these changes. If you have specific questions, please contact the appropriate state agency. 

    GovConnectIowa is now available for the following agencies and tax credits: 

    Iowa Department of Revenue: 

    • Solar Energy System
    • Geothermal Heat Pump
    • Tax Credit Transfers

    Iowa Utilities Board: 

    • Renewable Energy (Iowa Code 476C)

    Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA): 

    • Angel Investor Tax Credits
    • Innovation Tax Credits
    • Redevelopment Tax Credit Program for Brownfields and Grayfields
    • Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credits

    IEDA’s High Quality Jobs program and Innovation Program funding are not impacted by these changes.

    Learn more about using these tools by visiting GovConnectIowa Help.

    NOTE: School Tuition Organization Tax Credits and Farm to Food Donation Tax Credits are administered using a separate online portal. If you administer these tax credits, more information will be provided to you soon.

  • Licenses and permits in GovConnectIowa have been updated to streamline processes for Iowans. These updates include: 

    The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division updated the existing GovConnectIowa application process to reflect recent legislative actions, and included additional functionality such as:

    • Introductory step with licenses available in GovConnectIowa
    • Edit links displayed directly on the Review step for easy updating
    • Added an Alcohol License Application Status for users to check the status of an application

    The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals updated the existing GovConnectIowa application process to include: 

    • Introductory step with licenses available in GovConnectIowa
    • Edit links displayed directly on the Review step for easy updating
    • Search filters were added to view eligible renewal locations

    The Iowa Lottery Authority Retailers License Application updates include: 

    • Updated License Representative to License Contact for clarity 
    • Allowed users to enter USPS-verified mailing address specific to a store location
    • Updated and reorganized bank information requirements

    Several new licenses managed by various state agencies are now available.  

    The following food and lodging license applications for the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals are now available:

    • Annual Temporary Event
    • Farmers Market
    • Food Processing Plant
    • Food Service Establishment
    • Home Food Processing Establishment
    • Hotel
    • Mobile Food Unit
    • Retail Food Establishment
    • Unattended Food Establishment
    • Vending Machine

    The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division introduced these licenses to GovConnectIowa: 

    • On-Premises License: Special Class "C" Retail Alcohol License (BW)
    • Off-Premises License: Class "B" Retail Alcohol License (LG)