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Tax Guidance

At the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR), we continually seek ways to maximize our resources to provide our core services and perform our core functions efficiently.  Our strategic plan reflects our customer focus:
  • We understand Iowa taxpayers are our primary customers.
  • We provide information and education necessary to facilitate compliance with Iowa's complex tax laws.
  • We use technology to support customers efficiently.
Recognizing our goals and the environment in which we operate, IDR is excited to announce a new annual process that will better serve all Iowa taxpayers by providing general and timely information in response to taxpayer feedback.
Beginning each fiscal year, IDR will have an "Open Call for Guidance" period during which taxpayers and preparers can submit feedback on the tax topics that most need further clarity and explanation.  For fiscal year 2018, the Open Call period ended August 1, 2017.  The Open Call period for fiscal year 2019 will be announced soon.   In addition to the Open Call period, taxpayers are welcome to submit requests for guidance year-round.  Requests submitted after end of the Open Call period will be considered for guidance during the following fiscal year.
At the conclusion of the Open Call, IDR will identify the top issues submitted and prepare a guidance plan for the fiscal year.  Guidance could come in the form of rulemaking, online publications, communication blasts or any combination of the above.
The goal of focusing our resources on topics and information with broad interest is to provide guidance that can resolve common, yet complex, questions. Formal processes for requesting Rulemaking and Declaratory Orders are still in place and available by clicking the links below.