GovConnectIowa: File Specifications and Bulk File Testing Now Available

Thursday - 10/07/2021

The Iowa Department of Revenue is modernizing our technology and processes to better serve Iowa taxpayers. The end result of this four-year effort will provide taxpayers, businesses, and tax professionals with a new and secure portal, GovConnectIowa. Beginning November 15, 2021, GovConnectIowa will be available for business taxes and will include new business registration and filing returns and making payments for sales and use tax, fuel tax, and income tax withholding. 

This new portal provided an opportunity to update and improve our current processes, which resulted in changes to the format for bulk processing. The most notable change is that returns may now be filed using the taxpayer’s permit number instead of their eFile & Pay Business eFile Number (BEN). 

To help prepare users for this transition, the Department would like to invite our current service providers and bulk filers to view the new bulk file requirements and specifications and test your files using GovConnectIowa. While the Department recommends testing as soon as you are able, the testing environment will remain open for testing at any time. 

If you would like to begin testing, email                                                             

Important dates to be aware of: 

  • February 4, 2022: eFile & Pay will continue to be available for sales, use, and withholding returns and payments through February 4, 2022. All returns and payments after this date must be submitted through GovConnectIowa. 
  • November 15, 2021: All new tax permits established after November 15, 2021 will be required to file using GovConnectIowa. 
  • November 15, 2021: Motor fuel, W-2, and 1099 submissions must be submitted through GovConnectIowa. 
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