Amount to Be Refunded and Direct Deposit Information

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Enter the portion of the amount shown on line 67 you wish to have refunded to you.

With the increase of identity theft and tax refund fraud, you may experience longer wait times than in past years before receiving your refund.  The Department does not provide estimated time frames for refund processing because every return is different.  Please check your Iowa refund status online at Where's my refund? Iowa Department of Revenue phone representatives see the same information that you see online.


Typically, paper returns have an error rate of 30%. Errors can delay a refund up to six additional months.


Typically, less than 10% of electronic returns need additional review. Iowa has several options for e-filing. Some of them are free.

If you want to have your refund issued to you as a paper check proceed to Step 13. The check will be issued to the address listed on your return.  If you would like your refund directly deposited proceed to line 68a, 68b, and 68c.

Note: The routing and account numbers may be in different places on your check.

Direct deposit of a refund: Do not input your account and routing information in rows A and B if you have an amount due on line 70.

 68a. Input your financial institution’s routing number. The routing number for a checking account must be nine digits. See sample above for routing number example, or contact your financial institution if you are unsure.

68b. Check either checking or savings to indicate what type of account the refund will be deposited into.

68c. Input your account number starting in the first box on the left. The account number for a checking account may have up to 17 digits. See sample above for account number example, or contact your financial institution if you are unsure.

 For savings accounts you will need to contact your financial institution to obtain the account number and routing number.

 The entire refund amount will be deposited into this one account.

 Note: The account the refund will be issued to must be located in the United States.

 Verify that the routing and account numbers are correct to avoid a delay in your refund. Any error will result in a paper refund.

Do not request a deposit of your refund to an account that is not in your name, such as your tax return preparer’s account. Although you may owe your tax return preparer a fee for preparing your return do not have any part of your refund deposited into the preparer’s account to pay the fee.

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