Have You Moved?

Here are the steps you should take to increase the chances any refund or correspondence from the Iowa Department of Revenue reaches the correct address: 

1. Change your address with the Post Office.  

2. If your mailing address has changed and you haven’t filed your Iowa income tax return yet, make the correction directly on the return

3. If you have already filed your return, please send an e-mail to IDRCA-Inc@Iowa.gov to give us your new income tax mailing address. In the e-mail, include your name(s), the last four digits of your Social Security Number(s), your former address, and your new address. We will attempt to change the address prior to sending a refund check or correspondence, but due to timing issues that may not always be possible. 

If you have technical tax questions, please contact Taxpayer Services at idr@iowa.gov.

If your business has moved, please complete and submit the change/correct/cancel form.