Solar Energy System Tax Credits

**Applications are due May 1st, 2019 for installations completed by December 31, 2018.**

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Solar Energy System Tax Credits – The application for the tax credit is available online within the Tax Credit Award, Claim & Transfer Administration System (CACTAS)The system is designed so that once you have submitted an application, you can later sign into the system to track its status. The electronic process will create efficiencies in the review and approval of the hundreds of applications received for the Solar Energy System Tax Credit each year. All applications must be entered into CACTAS; paper applications are no longer available.

To learn about the amount of tax credits awarded under the program cap, select the Solar Energy System Tax Credit drop down option from the home page. you do not need to sign into CACTAS.

To apply for the tax credit, click “Sign In” at the top right corner of the screen. You will then need to sign in using the Authorization and Authentication (A&A) State system. If you do not have an A&A account associated with your email account, you will need to establish that account before signing into CACTAS. Once signed into CACTAS, select the View Details button under the description of the Solar Energy System Tax Credit discussion to start the application process. An installer may complete an application for you but the taxpayer requesting the credit is required to review and sign the Tax Credit Applicant Certification document available in the CACTAS application for download. Documents will also have to be uploaded as part of the application before it can be submitted.