eFile & Pay - Bulk Filers/Service Providers

The terms "bulk filer" and "service provider" are used interchangeably to describe persons who perform tax reporting and paying services for multiple clients.

Helpful Documents:

W-2 & 1099 File Rules 
Common Questions
Troubleshooting Errors

Service Providers Can File by: 

  • Single File Online: At the eFile & Pay Website, submit a fixed length file of client's W-2 and 1099 information. Iowa file specifications begin with federal specifications and record formats, but have additional Iowa-specific requirements. See IDR Publication 44-082 for detailed Iowa file specs
  • Web Upload: Again at the eFile & Pay Website, submit a fixed length or delimited file of clients’ return / e-payment information. This option is explained in greater detail below.
  • Batch Load: Batch load allows you to download a batch loader software tool which enables you to bulk load data through a standard HTTPS SSL secure process. Batch Loader User Guide